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The Music Scene is Alive, right?

"Here We Are" - The 941 Music Scene Blog

There is an original music scene in the 941 area, there always has been, however you often hear people say - "well, where is it?"

Over the years, Sarasota has shifted and morphed, and so has the music scene.

Venues changing names, some closing or rebranding, local artists then turning to pop-up shows and underground private house shows to keep the wave going. The original music scene, within its many waves, slowly became scattered as the hungry search for local venues willing to give an artist a stage, a rug to stand on or a corner to own for an hour or so became few and far between. The 2020 pandemic, unfortunately, helped shut down a lot of those venues that were keeping the light on for original artists to thrive in.

So, where did we go?

The artists did what we do best, we adapted and moved to the different corners of town that still hold a space for us. Sadly in return, we are more scattered than ever.

Where is there a place that can give each artist a chance to be heard and to be heard clearly?

That is my mission with this blog.

"Here We Are", the title being obvious, you want to know where we are? RIGHT HERE!

I invite you to think of this blog as your local music scene glossary. If you want to know who the original music scene is and what they are doing, I have the info for you. I will be interviewing local artists, sharing their story and exploring the scene RIGHT HERE!

Who am I? I am a Sarasota native. A musician, a singer/songwriter, an original artist who has ridden the waves of the 941 music scene. I know uniting this scattered scene is more important now than ever and I want to help!

Why is this so important? Original music brings in a whole diverse audience into venues/bars. It captures and sparks the attention from other parts of the town even from outside the reach of the 941. The excitement of seeing an original artist invites all ages to come together and experience a unique moment they personally get to share. Coming together we all get the chance to say, "Hey, look at this local artist in this local venue/bar, how awesome to see this support!" and it sends a ripple effect back into the community. We all thrive! There is no lost, just gains.

Where do YOU come in?

You are the most crucial part of this, without YOU, there is no scene. It's just artists playing to empty rooms, which does happen from time to time, but seriously the scene is YOUR SCENE. You make it happen. You bring the energy into the wave that carries throughout the 941. You get people talking, you shake it up and you keep it going. When you see a show, SHARE IT. When you hear about an artist, SHARE IT. If you're starting a new project or a friend is starting a project, SHARE IT. This blog, SHARE IT. Hate it? Love it? TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN DO TO CHANGE IT!

The music scene is very much alive.


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